Manifest Wine Lables


How It Works

How It Works

Our seals will give the optimal temperature that the wine should be drank. The consumer will smell, taste, and experience the wine and all that it was intended to be when it was created by the winemaker.
Our seal/product will enhance the drinking experience by making an everyday wine consumer feel like a wine expert.

The Seals

Manifest offers a silver, oval seal. Three versions are available for red wines, white/rose wines, and sparkling wines.

Our chill-o-meter products are intuitive, requiring little explanation and inspiring confidence. 

Manifest Chill Label


Manifest Chilled Label


Manifest Chill Label




Fridge 2 hours, Freezer 40 minutes, Ice Bucket 10 minutes 


Fridge 2.5 hours, Freezer 1 hour, Ice Bucket 20 minutes 


Fridge 3 hours, Ice Bucket 25 minutes. The freezer is not recommended.

How Do I Ensure Optimal Chilling?

Place in refrigerator on side with doors closed, freezer or half ice/water bucket filled within an inch to the top to achieve proper chilling. If using a wine chiller or ice bucket ensure full immersion of liquid wine bottle.