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Manifest Launches Innovative Chill-O-Meter for Wine Enthusiasts

Spokane, WA – Manifest LLC, is proud to announce the groundbreaking release of the Chill-O-Meter, a patented and reversible tool that revolutionizes the way wine lovers enjoy their favorite bottles. The Chill-O-Meter provides an intuitive and reliable method to determine the optimal temperature for serving wine, ensuring that it is enjoyed as the wine maker intended.

The Chill-O-Meter is a versatile product that reveals when wine has reached its perfect temperature, when it is too chill and when it has lost its ideal chill. With three different patented settings – “Before,” “On Manifest Zone,” and “Off” – and three temperature ranges for red, whites, and sparkling wines, Manifest’s Chill-O-Meter offers wine enthusiasts unparalleled control over their wine serving experience.

Beautifully designed product by Sara Nelson “2022 Graphic Design USA people to watch” is both stylish and functional. Using the Chill-O-Meter is simple. By adhering the seal to the desired location on the wine bottle, preferably on the lower 1/3 and flattest portion, users can activate the Chill-O-Meter. The Chill-O-Meter starts in the “before” status prior to chilling and gradually changes color revealing when the wine reaches its ideal temperature.

Manifest currently offers two different seals: a silver oval seal and a clear oval seal. Both options are designed for longevity, resistant to water, scuffing, rubbing, and peeling.

To ensure optimal chilling, Manifest provides clear guidelines for different wine categories. By placing the wine bottle in the refrigerator on its side with the doors closed, in the freezer for a specified duration, or in a half ice/water bucket filled to a specified level, users can achieve the desired temperature. The Chill-O-Meter will indicate when the wine is ready to be served.

The Chill-O-Meter features Manifest’s patented activation and gradation system, which colorfully represents the temperature status of the wine. The color will activate and gradate over a 3-degree range and gradually clear out over 6-8 degrees. This provides users with precise information on the wine’s temperature.

The Chill-O-Meter is not only a tool for determining the optimal serving temperature, but it also helps troubleshoot common issues. If the seal isn’t activating, users are advised to check if the internal contents have been chilled for a sufficient amount of time. In the case of immediate movement to the “too chill” zone, the seal should be removed from the ice bucket to allow it to adjust to the internal temperature.

Safety and regulatory compliance are paramount for Manifest. The Chill-O-Meter’s printing inks conform to established GMP protocols and comply with regulations regarding the restriction of certain hazardous substances, heavy metals, and other regulatory requirements. The product is also manufactured without the use of BPA, ITX, or benzophenone and does not contain genetically modified organisms.

Manifest is committed to providing comprehensive support to end users. Detailed guidelines in various formats, such as online documentation and video tutorials, will be available to ensure customers can maximize the benefits of the Chill-O-Meter.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Chill-O-Meter to wine enthusiasts around the world,” said Alison Eldred & Timo Lunceford, Founders of Manifest. “This revolutionary tool provides an easy and reliable way to serve wine at its optimal temperature, ensuring a truly delightful experience. With its intuitive design and accurate temperature indication, the Chill-O-Meter is set to transform how people enjoy their favorite bottles of wine.”

The Chill-O-Meter is now available for purchase through Manifest’s select wine partners and on our website. For more information and to order visit

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